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Author Spotlight – Kat Turner

Debut author Kat Turner answers five questions about her novel and life in the publishing world.

Tell us about your novel.

Hex, Love, and Rock & Roll is about a newbie witch who makes some big missteps with her brand-new magic powers but finds love while struggling to repair the damage. There’s heat and humor and a magic-filled, musical love language.

Explain the plot of your novel using only emojis.

🎸 ✨ 🔮 💥 💋 💦 🎸 ✨💀 👿 ✨ 💥 💋

Share your publishing story

I’d been querying on and off for a couple of years when one of the fabulous editors from the City Owl team read the first chapter of Hex, Love, and Rock & Roll in a contest and requested the full manuscript. I’d also sent a different book to City Owl by way of a pitch contest, so the stars aligned, and they offered me a contract on the series! I’ve found the perfect home for the Coven Daughters series and couldn’t be happier how it all worked out.

What are you reading lately?

I just finished They Never Learn by Layne Fargo and starting Remembering a Witch by Lauren Connolly. Several books by my City Owl pub sibs and fellow 2020 debuts are on the docket next.

What would your dream casting be for your main character(s)?

Jennifer Lawrence and Michael Fassbender!

Buy Hex, Love and Rock & Roll

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